Individual Pool Services

We take the guess work out of pool care. Our trained professionals will work with you to provide any of the following services:

Service Offerings Includes:

(Please call us at (781) 383-3300 or email us at for inground and above ground pricing.)

Spring & Summer
Full Opening
  • Remove and fold cover
  • Clean and lubricate deck anchors
  • Start and check all equipment
  • Re-install handrails and/or ladders
  • Re-install pool returns and baskets
  • Initial chemical treatment
  • Brush pool service (no vacuum)

Partial Opening
  • Owner will remove cover and re-install handrails and/or ladders
  • Start and check all equipment
  • Re-install pool returns and baskets
  • Initial chemical treatment
  • Brush pool service (no vacuum)

Additional Opening Costs
  • Leaftrapper Opening
  • In-Floor Cleaning System Opening
  • Waterfalls & Fountains
  • Cover Up Charge

One-Time Pool Cleaning Service
  • When you don’t have the time, or for special occasions like a party!
  • Balance pool water, empty baskets, vacuum pool, backwash, brush and skim if necessary

Annual Heater Checkup

Does not include repairs, parts, or controls that are normally covered under manufacturer warranty

  • Clean and inspect heat exchange and burner
  • Check for gas leaks, clean electrical contacts, evaluate safety systems
  • Customers will be contacted if additional services over $200 are required, otherwise repairs will be done automatically.

Fall & Winter
Full Closing
  • Includes filter cleaning
  • Removal of handrails and/or ladders
  • Plumbing and equipment winterization
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Securing the pool cover

Partial Closing
  • Includes filter cleaning (If we find the filter has been cleaned and reassembled, there will be a price reduction)
  • Plumbing and equipment winterization
  • Chemical treatment
  • Owner removes handrails and/or ladders
  • Owner puts the cover on after our service is finished

Additional Closing Costs
  • Leaftrapper Closing
  • In-Floor Cleaning System Closing
  • Waterfalls & Fountains
  • Cover Surcharge

Water Lowering Service

Water must be lowered for closing

  • Pools with safety covers must have the water at least 18″ below the coping
  • Pools with tarp covers must have the water level 2-3″ below the coping

Safety Covers
  • Free estimates for new and replacement covers on request
  • Complimentary measurement

Safety Cover Hardware

Without properly working anchors and springs, your cover cannot provide its safety features

  • Springs replaced, if worn, bent or broken
  • Deck anchors replaced if stripped or stuck will require a service call

Winter Care
  • Includes a monthly check to ensure proper water levels
  • Chemical treatment will be added spring and fall

Other Services
  • Equipment Troubleshooting, Repairs & Replacements
  • Pump and Filter Repairs and Replacements
  • Heater Repairs and Replacements
  • Pool Liner Repairs
  • Chlorine Generator Installations and Service
  • Lighting Repairs and Replacements
  • Show and tell for new pool owners

An estimate will be presented prior to work for all supplies needed

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Hassle Free Pool Care

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