Pool Opening

1. Why did the technician leave my main drain closed?

We have opened the main drain and made sure it is ready to use. The main drain should be left closed until all debris has been removed from the pool to prevent the hydrostatic valve from opening – causing the pool to lose water. Trust us!

2. Did they clean my pool at the opening?

The entire pool was brushed to loosen debris and algae. This is the first step of the clean up.

3. Why aren’t the timer switches/control system on?

We left the pool running 24/7 to speed up the cleaning process (control systems will be left in service mode). Once the pool is clean, clear, and balanced, it can be set to run 12 hours per day.

4. Why is my floor cleaning system not working?

The in-floor system is left off to allow the dirt and debris to settle and be manually vacuumed from the pool. Once the pool is clean and clear the floor system can be turned on. This is the fastest way to clean a pool in the spring.

5. Why isn’t my waterfall running?

We will start the waterfall to check its operation, it will then be shut off to speed the cleaning process. The basin must be clear of leaves and debris before starting the waterfall to prevent the debris from getting into the pool.

6. Why isn’t my salt water chlorine generator turned on?

To prevent damage to the cell the salt water chlorine generator show NOT be turned on until:

  • The water is balanced
  • The water temperature is greater than 60 degrees
  • The salt level is in the correct range (see the manufacturers recommendation for your model)

7. Do I need to add salt to my pool?

At the opening we deliver 6 bags of salt and usually add 3 of them to the pool. Once the pool has been circulating for 24 hours the water should be professionally tested to determine how much additional salt is required to get the proper salt levels.

8. Why isn’t my automatic pool cleaner (Polaris) being used?

Automatic pool cleaners are not designed to clean up the amount of debris that is often in the pool at the opening. A Polaris will stir up debris and slow down the cleaning process. The fastest way to clean the pool is to allow all the dirt and debris to settle, and remove by vacuuming. The automatic pool cleaner can be used to maintain your clean pool.

9. Why is my heater not working?

It should be working, just not “on”. We will test your heater and let you know if it is not working and return for a heater repair upon request. Once the pool is clean and clear you can set the heater to your preferred temperature.

10. Why isn’t my spa running?

The opening team will leave the pool running 24/7 to clear the pool (large body) of water as quickly as possible. Once the pool is clean, the spa can be filled with the pool water and the control system can be used in either pool or spa mode.


Hassle Free Pool Care

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