Pool & Hot Tub Services

At South Shore Pool Supply, we work hard to keep your swimming pool and hot tub clean, safe and ready for your enjoyment! It is now easier than ever to schedule your swimming pool and hot tub services and simplify your pool care routine.

Choose from the following full-service programs:

Hassle Free Pool Care
Hassle Free Hot Tub Care

The following individually priced services are also available for your pool and hot tub:

Individual Pool Services

Spring & Summer

  • Full Opening
  • Partial Opening
  • Additional Opening Services
  • Initial Cleaning
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • One-Time Pool Cleaning Service
  • Annual Heater Checkup
  • Other Services
    • Equipment Troubleshooting, Repairs & Replacements
    • Pump and Filter Repairs and Replacements
    • Heater Repairs and Replacements
    • Pool Liner Repairs
    • Pool Tile
    • Chlorine Generator Installations and Service
    • Lighting Repairs and Replacements

Fall & Winter

  • Winter Care Service
  • Full Closing
  • Partial Closing
  • Additional Closing Services
  • Water Lowering Service
  • Safety Covers
  • Safety Cover Hardware
Hot Tub Services

Spring & Summer

  • Hot Tub Opening
  • Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance
  • Annual Heater Checkup

Fall & Winter

  • Hot Tub Closing

Hassle Free Pool Care

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