Our company history started in 1964 when Dave and Bobbi Hall built a swimming pool with the promise that Bobbi would teach swimming lessons to pay for the extravagance.  Seventeen years of lessons paid for the pool many times over.

When Dave found little help available to learn about pool care, he decided to start South Shore Pool Supply, where he sold supplies out of his garage, gave sound advice, and opened and closed pools.  Not only was he helping pay for the pool, but he also earned extra cash to feed his winter passion-skiing!

In 1991 their daughter, Tracy Dieselman a chemical engineer, purchased the business and learned about the pool service business while still caring for her young children.  She also taught swimming lessons in her own pool.

Dave passed away in 1998, however his ethics and
determination continue to be a part of our company culture.

In 2005, Tracy’s husband Jay, also a chemical engineer, joined South Shore Pool Supply on a full time basis.  Together they have grown the business into the largest of its kind in the South Shore.  In 2007, the retail store was relocated to Route 3A in Cohasset.

Our goal continues to be to keep customers happy by providing excellent service, great value and honest hard work, all while helping you build lasting summertime memories with family and friends.

Hassle Free Pool & Spa Care!


Hassle Free Pool Care

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